I wonder sometime how many people have wondered why I named this site “42” and just what that name means. I also wonder how many people know already what it means.

     “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is a wonderful book written by Douglas Adams. Some may think it was a whimsical fling, or maybe a journey on the edge of insanity, but I believe that the author hid a very valuable truth right in plain view for all of us to miss. I missed it myself for years.

     As the story begins, Earth is destroyed. This turns out to be unfortunate, because the reason the Earth was there was to determine the answer to the ultimate question. As we are presently told, the answer to this question is, of course, 42. A new problem has arisen with the destruction of the Earth, though. Now that we know the answer, the question has been lost, and along with it the meaning of the answer.

     Throughout the rest of the story, we are reminded of a simple quandary. The answer is 42, but what does it mean, and what the devil is the question.

     I have come to believe that the unremarked genius of Mr. Adams was to unobtrusively point out to us that finding the answers is really not at all important after all. It is knowing which questions to ask which is of paramount importance.

     In the end, all of the answers in the world do us no good if we are not asking the appropriate questions.

     And above all, remember the two most important rules: DON”T PANIC! and Always carry a towel!