Yet again today, I made the mistake of getting drawn into a conversation with a socialist on taxes. I should know better by now, but sometimes I can’t seem to resist the temptation.

     This time the topic was whether or not flea market vendors should be forced to pay sales tax, and income tax on their earnings. My position was simple: Regardless of what the law says, anyone trying to hard to force these vendors to pay will simply cause them to relocate to a different location where they don’t have to deal with it.

     The unspoken fact is that flea markets, garage sales, and the like are all part of a thriving “underground economy.” A portion of the black market. Most of these people will not comply, nor can they afford to do so. They will simply move to a new spot. The state knows this, and usually does not interfere, but occasionally tries to crack down on the property owner who welcomes the vendors in.

     Of course, this proposition was met not by rational argument from the socialist, but by unbridled rage. How dare these people try to avoid paying their “fair share!” This in spite of the fact that most of these vendors struggle to make as much as $10,000/year, and many substantially less.

     No argument, no sympathy, no understanding, just outright rage. How dare they!!!

     I wonder how many of these socialists would voluntarily send in a donation to the government to prove how much they believe in taxation?

     Since this particular socialist knows that I am involved in flea markets, and other activities even more “questionable,” I wonder how long it takes for me to get turned in?

     I am at a complete loss to explain how someone can actually believe that giving the government more power and wealth will not lead to an even bigger and more repressive government.